Lake Atitlán, Guatemala Pinkish Object

Date: 2003

Last year while in Guatemala, I was waiting on a dock for the last ferry to take me to a hostel on Lake Atitlán. It was dark and cloudless. A orb of pinkish light that was more yellowish in the centre, came across the sky slowly and soundlessly. I pointed it out to another woman waiting there and neither of us could figure out what it was. After a few minutes it started to move away from us, becoming smaller, until it was lost from sight behind the trees. A huge fire was also burning on the side of a hill not far from us and in the direction the light was headed initially. Unfortunately I had not taken my camera out with me that day!

The orb probably could have been covered by a baseball if held out at my arms length, (I'm short), but I have no reference for distance. It was at an angle of about 60 degs to the horizon I think. While in the Monte Verde region of Costa Rica, myself and others were witness to a 'fireball' that shot across the sky almost parallel to the ground. We presumed it was a large meteor(?).

Thank you to the eye witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/guatemala/030000.shtml