March 2003

Guatemala City A Huge Triangle Shaped Object

Date: March of 2003
Time: Around 5.00 or 5:30 p.m.

Hi Brian,

I did personally see an UFO's in Guatemala one evening of March of 2003 at Guatemala City. I Do also have couple more pictures taken in my trips to Guatemala showing some UFO's even that at the time of those pictures were taking we did not notice anything odd on the background .

None of the people accompanying me that day did notice anything also. (Any way I did not wear my prescription glasses so the chances of seeing the UFO's in the background were minimum since I am suffering of astigmatism).

Just like a said back in March, 2003 just outside of my parent’s home in Guatemala City I saw a huge triangle shape object flying right above our heads probably about a 100 feet above the ground. (I think the UFO was flying so low that if I have small rock close by I could probably use and hit it).

The first to notice the object was my nephew Misael who was laying down face up on my bother car engine hood. Misael was about 11 or 12 years old.

He was watching the object crossing above our heads when he asked me about that. We all then look up and notice the rare object flying right over our heads.

The other family members were my nice's husband Estuardo (last name removed) and couple more nephews.

The length across of the object was about 75 feet (it looks more like a flying wing since it was flat on the top part with probably around 10 to 12 feet's height which will fit a human standing inside without problems).

The object was flying very slow, soundlessly and low to the ground; it was the first time that I seeing a wonderful aircraft with this type of properties. (Not a noticeable noise and great lifting abilities since a huge aircraft like that will required a powerful and tremendous blast of lifting force to get it out flying as this one did).

I was able to see three shapes like wheels under the object, perhaps holes or protrusions each of them located close or very near to the end of the triangle edges.

Unfortunately I was not able to see with enough detail to the bottom of the this marvelous machine since I was walking and watching at the same time which in the streets of Guatemala it is a miracle not to fall in one of the numerous holes on the street.

The wheels or forever they were looks to be black or dark gray in color with no lights or something really noticeable.

The time was around 5.00 or 5:30 PM and it was very clear, the color of the object was a metal-aluminum like color or light gray with some joints that run from the rear to the front or vice verse.

It was very obvious that the aircraft were assembled together using some type of welding method since I could see the joints perfectly, unfortunately I did not have my camera with me at that time and I could not take any pictures of the object.

I am a pretty heavy man with more than 330 pounds of weight and I was able to walk following its trajectory for about 100 feet until I reach a dead end where a lost sight of the object over the houses near by.

Like a said I regret for not having my camera handy at that time. Something that I notice after the sight is that about a half block away from my parents house was a fairy ground with a very attractive neon lights spinning wheel about 30 feet in diameter.

Probably those lights and the spinning fairy wheel had attracted whoever was piloting the aircraft.

That evening we were about five member of the family that has the wonderful experience of watching a great flying object. The family member was my nice husband and two of three nephews of mine.

Days later I was able to shoot up some more pictures in another city called Antigua Guatemala about 40 miles away from Guatemala City. There is an UFO in couple of the pictures.

One of the pictures which is the second on the sequence shown a huge aircraft inside the clouds close to the volcano, since the object is very close to it the volcano became a good source for comparison.

The other picture, which was the first that I took that day shows the object in flight and for the sequence of the pictures and the dimension seeing at the second one it is obvious that the object was approaching high in the sky from the rear of the volcano or in an angle from above.

It is very curious is that both sites from were a took the pictures are a volcano activity areas, if you want to see the pictures at Antigua Guatemala I could email them to you.

Best regards.

Thank you to the person for the report.

Hello, I was reading on of your comments about UFO at the Atitlan Lake at Guatemala, I think that I have a picture of the UFO mentioned here at this web link, this picture is from December 2003 at the same lake only it was shot at day light.

Photos are © 2005 CEQ

The gentleman is referring to this sighting which was reported to me by a different witness: Report above.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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