Puukohola, Heiau Near Kawaihae

November 2003

Puukohola Heiau Near Kawaihae, Hawaii Sphere-Like Object In The Clouds

Date: November 2003
Time: Daytime

Hi Brian, This is (name removed) again. Since sending you the image yesterday I remembered another image that I had taken in November 2003 with a Kodak digital camera I had at the time. I had saved them on disk and decided to look at the object again. I hadn't sent the image in till now because the object is small in the image and didn't think it worth bothering with.

I was traveling on the west side of the Big Island with a friend and taking scenic photos. We were visiting the Puukohola Heiau near Kawaihae. It's north of Kailua-Kona. You can see Maui from there.

As with the photos I sent to you before of "The Thing", I didn't notice anything until scanning through the images days later. That's when I noticed the sphere-like object in the clouds above the temple. Now, Kawahihae is about 4 mi. north of the Heiau and Waikoloa Village is about 10 miles away. It could be a balloon, but it would be a big one. I don't think it's a bird either. There is one odd thing though. Park Ranch near Waimea, which is about 12-15 miles away and is the direction I am looking toward in the image, has a private airport for wealthy visitors to the ranch. About the image I sent you, thought you should know just as an interesting side note, Puukohola Heiau was built by Kamehameha for his war god KU so that he would be victorious in battle and unit the islands as king. There was supposed to be a peaceful meeting here between himself and a cousin who also wanted to be king. but it erupted in a battle that Kamehameha won.

Now wanting to go back to Hawaii,


Thank you to the person for providing the report and photo. Please note that the photos are copyrighted to John.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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