December 22nd 2003

[Original report]


You can call me "Jacquilyn"

I live on the Big Island of Hawaii in the Puna district. On Monday December 22, 2003 around 1:30 PM as a passenger in a jeep heading east down Highway 130 toward Pahoa-town after passing Hawaiian Paradise Park, I was looking out the front windsheild at a cloud formation off to the right in the sky, west of Pahoa Village.

I saw a black round object floating diagonally up toward the southeasterly direction in front of the cloud, past a puka-hole in the cloud and first thought it could possibly be a balloon by the way it floated...yet it seemed it had to be quite much larger than a child's balloon to be visible in comparison to the mass of the cloud!

Then I noticed the object doing a zig-zag, stair-step movement diagonally down to the very puka-hole in the cloud, holding very steady in the middle center of the hole in the cloud, all I could think was black helicopter (marijunana eradication type they have here on the Big Island) yet it seemed way too high up to be one hovering...no rotors or long shape...just black, small, and round. I am sorry I don't know how to determine the height really. Then it seemed to suddenly and rapidly in a few seconds time to descend lower and zip off to the west across the cloud and disappear from cloud and sky!

I kept looking at the cloud and the most unexpected thing happened where the small round black thing appeared from the east side out of the cloud and then faded back into the cloud! This whole sighting was four minutes long as I checked my stop-watch. I have no idea if anyone else saw or reported this. I have been living on the Big Island since December 2001 and I thought this was significant enough for me to report.

Mahalo (thanks), Jacquilyn

{Follow-up report from Brian Vike]

Aloha Brian!

When I first saw it floating diagonally upwards, it was not low to the ground at all. Already it was high up at cloud level floating across the middle of this great big white fluffy cloud diagonally upward. I was lowering my head down near the dashboard of the jeep windshield and looking up to view it, if that helps you at all to understand my angle or the altitude of it. I was tempted to have the driver pull off to the side of the road to observe it. I wish I had a pair of binoculars to view it in more detail.

It did not seem to be shiny or reflective at all, very distinctly black against the white cloud and it stayed black the whole time with no color change whatsoever.

It did not take on any other shape then being round and black. Which sort of surprised me because when it was in the middle of the puka-hole of the cloud and holding very steady it seemed to be hovering there, as if it ought to have some helicopter rotors or headlights or something which would be a signal/indicator to me that it was indeed "facing" my way and holding steady straight on. It was not a floating loose balloon in my mind anymore. This bothered me alot after seeing it zig-zag down to the exact center middle of the puka-hole in the cloud and I wanted it to be a helicopter.

The zig-zag, stair-step thing was so smoothly executed and even in the zigs and zags...like perfection in the diagonal effortless way escalating down as seemingly effortless as it appeared floating diagonally upward like a balloon...to now descending smoothly and evenly diagonally downward...I expected it to go past the puka-hole which it did pass while floating upwards like a balloon diagonally... and so it was very freaky thing that it seemed to stop right in the middle of the hole and remain evenly steady.

About the size...it could not have been at all the size of a child's balloon ( it was too high up and very visible, so I ascertained it must have been much larger...the helicopters I have seen in the sky have always been lower to the ground and definitely the shape, sound, and movement of a helicopter. This is so difficult to compare the size for me. When you say arms length and thumbnail, this reminds me of another time on July 28, 2002 on a Sunday night at 1 AM where I did see an arching round big bright star with sparkling lights in it's trail heading into a big low flying cloud on a full moon night. The full moon was high in the sky and about the size of my thumb nail I noted as I did exactly that and held my arm straight out to the full moon, noticing that what I saw was bigger around than the full moon in the sky! I fully expected this fantastic bright star thing to light up the cloud or behind the cloud, etc. I felt and reached across and grabbed and squeezed my friend's hand on the gear shift who was driving around a curve at the time excitedly as I was having a jaw-dropping moment in viewing exclaiming Oh My God, did you see that Michael that was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen in Hawaii! In that experience the light was so illuminescent and large that I thought it ought to be lighting up the low flying cloud and blazing and impacting the ground. I think I could have read somewhere that meteors don't arch like falling stars may.

So back to the other object in the sky in the afternoon...I would say it was more of the size of my pinky nail, if you could make it round and black...the puka-hole in the cloud was bigger than my thumb (like two thumbs put together side by side if that helps) This was not a small black speck on the windshield or my prescription glasses in the least!!! From the holding steady in the middle in the puka-hole for awhile, in it's next maneuver it went straight vertically down, quickly, about a thumb's length before it went line drive straight even west in a nano-second...it made the width of the cloud in no time out past it in blue sky and I was still expecting to see it in the blue sky...it appeared to have mysteriously just vanished, which made no sense at all if one could ever make sense of it in the first place!

This really bothered me that something as innocent and entertaining at first like a child's balloon and then maneuvering so eloquently in zig-zags, holding steady like a copter, could suddenly just be gone that fast. I chose to believe that I could not dis-believe that it was gone or nowhere to be seen in the way it had seemed to have suddenly left...so I was intently searching for it again in the sky...knowingly that I was not doubting or mistaken of it in the first place and in my mind it just had to be there...how could it possibly vanish as distinctly black as it was against the white cloud and the blue of the sky...so I kept studying the cloud and sky wondering if anyone else might have seen the display or show I just saw...and then it was as if it was playing "peek-a-boo" with me coming out of the cloud in a place altogether in the east part of the cloud...no where near the west where it disappeared past the cloud...it slowly and gradually poked out of the white cloud and held position steady in front of it and then moved gradually what looked like backward motion back into the cloud and out of site altogether. It seemed rather deliberate and purposely exposing itself outward and then back into the cloud...not that the cloud was just passing and shrouding it...that it seemed to appear and then cloak itself back in on it's own accord or whomever's!

Now that you ask, it did kind of remind me of a game with a toy remote control...yet I don't think it was that either as I have seen big guys with their motor airplanes and controls in Albuquerque. That's got to be some priceless toy if it exists...especially in all the ways it was moving so perfectly and effortlessly about. My thought was that could not have been all just for me! I wish I had the digital camera or video camera in my hands at the time...the digital camera was packed away in the back and I felt I dare not avert my eyes away from the object in the four minutes while observing it.

Interestingly, the driver is a videographer and would normally have had the video camera stored in the back of the jeep on our way down from Mauna Kea mountaintop.

Mahalo (thanks) for your taking time to investigate.

Thank you to the witness for the wonderful follow-up report.

This report also filed with Filer's Files, and UFO Roundup.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/hawaii/031222.shtml