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UFO Sighting Report - Hawaii

October 13th 2006 : Nimitz Highway, Honolulu

Location: Nimitz highway, Honolulu, Hawaii

Date: 10-13-06 9:59 am

Approach Direction: moving slowly from North to South.

Departure Direction: It just disappeared in the sky.

Witness Direction: I was looking upward towards the sky and my family were just chit chattin' along the way.

Description: me and my family were driving to Costco on friday the 13th (October) I was wearing my shades since It's such a bright sunny day, with a clear blue sky. I usually look up in the sky and have never seen anything except for balloons, airplanes and jetplanes. nothing weird. now I know what a balloon looks like, and an airplane, too so I took my shades off and there I saw a shiny white ball, moving very slowly towards south, and I looked at it for a few seconds hoping it might only be a plane. but lo and behold I couldn't believe my eyes-- it disappeared right before my eyes! POOF!there weren't any clouds on that area were it disappeared to, It couldn't have anything to hide into, it was like smoke vanished in thin air. so weird. after that sighting, up to now I couldn't really forget what I saw. whatever it is, it was an experience for me. my family couldn't believe it either, but my mom believed me because she had an experience when she was around 14 yrs old in the Province in the Philippines around the 70's.

Color/Shape: round shape, white, shiny ball

Height & Speed: it was really round and moving very slowly.

TV/Radio/Press: unfortunately, I never heard any news about it. it was just a really busy hot day, I guess no one realy cared for it.