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UFO Sighting Report - Hawaii

1971? : Kihei, Maui

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: In Kihei, on Maui.

Date: 1971 (may be 1, possibly 2 years off)

Time: Around 6 or 7 pm.

Number of witnesses: Myself at first. 3 friends in the end.

Number of objects: One at first, in the end there were two.

Shape of objects: Round in an oblongish way.
Round. With a translucent (or reflective?) white center part that was raised like a dome above the round oblongish part. Almost like it rested in it.

Weather Conditions: Beautiful day, around sunset time a few clouds on the horizon out in the ocean...calm and quiet.

Description: I worked in Lahaina at the Hale Bikini shop and lived in Kihei on Hualapai St. (mountain side of the hwy.) Hitchhiked home so my ride dropped me on the water side of the hwy. a little before my street.

There was this little beach behind an area of houses, I wouldn't say private, but mostly locals no tourists. I decided to go sit on the beach and watch the sunset before I walked home. I walked through some trees and had just reached the sand on the beach, (facing the ocean)when I looked to my right at what I thought to be the full moon just coming up. I distinctly remember saying to myself "wow, what a beautiful moon"..then I looked back out towards the ocean to appreciate that view too; that's when I saw the real moon, crescent shaped and white. I turned back to what I first thought was the full moon simultaneously saying in my head "then, what was that?..". It was like a flamingo pink...That is my last recollection for the beach. I do not remember walking from the beach and crossing the hwy.

TV/Radio Not sure, but I believe the next day or shortly after there was something about a 'siting' in a paper, but they said it was weather balloons.

I don't know what weather balloons look like but I guess I could Google that right now and get back to you on that one.


Update: The witness sent the following information in after the report was online:

Date: 1970 or 71

Time: Sunset

Number of witnesses: Me

Number of objects: two

Shape of objects: Dome like center and oblong something around it.

Weather Conditions: perfect day.

Description: This is an addendum to the 1971 Kihei, Maui sighting that I just wrote on Feb. 3. This is the important part and you didn't print it.

[UFOINFO Note: In case of misunderstanding the following was not in the original report.]

The next recollection I have, I am standing at the base of my street (across the hwy.) watching this craft, as I described above, moving up and away from me. It was going in the direction of the ocean (NW) when another one just like it appeared in the way distance. Within seconds it was right there with the first one. I began walking up my street and the two hovered and literally followed me up the street. I had time to go into my house and get my friends (3) and they came out, saw them and said "wow"...then both of them simultaneously took off and became dots in the sky and then gone within seconds.