August/September 1975

Hanakapia, Kauai, Hawaii Huge Wedge Shaped Craft

Date: August, early Sept. 1975
Time: Late morning, early afternoon.

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1

Full Description of event/sighting: Sunny day, very clear, occasional cloud in the sky. Most of sky clear. Hanakapiai is in the Haena area. End of road going north on eastern coast of Kauai. I was camped in Hanakapiai and when I looked up in sky I saw wedge shaped something with splashes of color on bottom.

It didn't make sense to me: nothing that large can hover in the sky is what I was thinking. There was no noise coming from it. I had to look around me as I wondered if I was seeing things clearly. Everything around me was "normal." No distortions. I looked back in the sky and the object was still there. I certainly wasn't thinking about alien craft, extraterrestrials, etc. I was thinking only, how in the world can something that large be hovering in the sky?

The Size of the object: Estimate: 1 mile to a mile and a half long, a 1/2 mile wide and approximately 1 mile high. It was wedge shaped with two right angles at eastern end and 30 some degree angle at western end. There were blotches, splashes of color on bottom of it. One spot looked as if a giant had done green finger painting.

I estimated that I was looking at the object for about 20 minutes--that's just an estimate though. Then, after I had brought my eyes back to the valley I was in, I looked up and saw a number of wisps of smoke or vapor, anyway, like little tufts of cloud, except that the pattern indicated the tufts were caused by the draft of the UFO leaving.

Later I was living in the area called Taylor Camp, once owned by Elizabeth Taylor's brother, I was told. I told people about the sighting I had been witness to and was told in return that there were many sightings in Hawaii, that Hawaii was considered a "window" or portal area for UFOs.

Six years later (while living in Santa Cruz, CA) I heard from friends, (names removed) who had lived in Kauai also, that Haena-Hanakapiai had been a place of sightings for ancient Hawaiians. Legends had it that a "flying island" used to visit the area and pick up and drop off Menehune people (3 foot high people of Hawaiian legend).

I told them of my sighting. They said there were written records on ancient Hawaii confirming their information about the flying island.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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