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UFO Sighting Report - Holland

November 1966 : Oegstgeest

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Oegstgeest Netherlands

Date: November 1966 20.00 hours

Approach Direction: it came from the city of Leiden where it was spotted

Departure Direction: Oegstgeest is a small village near the coast in the line of Voorhout Noordwijk

Witness Direction: looking upwards

Description: It was a cloud moving against the wind which made me curious. Like a tv screen without a picture. Moving over the cloud disappeared and a stealth appeared, hovering slowly making no sound at all it climbed up and then accelerated at a amazing speed, disappearing within seconds.
Best regards j. h.

Color/Shape: Black stealth type 117 night hawk

Height & Speed: 50 meters zero taking off speed
  it took about a second to disappear
  40 km a second

TV/Radio/Press: yes a lady in Voorhout wrote to a weekly magazine De Panorame.