May 19th 2003

To begin with I would like to throw some light on myself and my friend David. I am 27 and a management graduate (MBA). David is 30, and also a management graduate (MBA) & a networking engineer. We both have a great deal of interest in Science, Religions, Philosophy, World Affairs, etc.

This incident took place on the 19th of May 2003 when David and I had gone on one of our regular late evening visits to one of the most beautiful Chennai beaches - Valmiki Nagar Beach in Thiruvanmyur, Southern India.

The time was 9:45 PM. The beach was almost empty and pitch dark. We were lying on the sand, looking at a beautiful and partially cloudy night sky. We noticed a strange object, the exact shape of a 'Boomerang', flying West and inland, from the Bay of Bengal side to the East. It was flying at a great height and even at that height it was huge - really huge - and all we could see was the exact cloud-coloured frame of the huge boomerang-like object. It had no lights and was flying smoothly, fast, and with ease in between the clouds.

We saw it make two circuits, with a gap of 4 to 5 minutes and then disappear.

We have never seen anything like it ever in our lives. It was too high-tech and not the least bit like modern day spy aircraft used by the US and other developed countries.

It made no sound, it had no lights, it seemed to follow a course, flew with ease, was huge and not the least bit like the latest aircraft shown oin the Discovery and Natural Geography channels.

Me and my friend are damn sure of one thing... what we saw was a UFO or something really supernatural. After seeing it, we believe that we aren't alone in this astronomically huge and infinite universe - we have company.

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Anish Naidu

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