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UFO Sighting Report - India

2004/2005 : Between Bangalore and Hyderabad

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Some where Between Bangalore and Hyderabad

Date: About 3 years ago

Time: About 2.30 am

Number of witnesses: Alone

Number of objects: Two

Shape of objects: Circular

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: Our family with some relatives were going to Hyderabad for a vacation and I had taken a few days off from work. We were travelling in second class A/C (TRAIN), where the windows are covered with a dark sheet, where the visibility was something darker to a cooling glass.

I am not good sleeper when it comes to travelling and I carry a study lamp and a book along. Our train had stopped at some God forsaken Junction and we were waiting for an other train to pass when I chanced to look outside and saw this very bright light, which I assumed to be Venus or some bright star.(I need to mention that I wear glasses and had kept them on the side stand at that time). Then I begun to observe that the light out side was actually changing colors!!!, this made me sit up and wear my glasses and look up, to my utter surprise and astonishment it was a circular object which was slowly rotating on its axis, had colorful lights around its rims.

I excitedly woke my wife and since we wanted to get a better view of the object we headed towards the door, then it happened, the train started to move and by the time I could get to the door, the object started to drift slowly towards a similar UFO which was hovering nearby.

It was unfortunate that I could not see the UFO for a longer time and if you ask me the UFO was observing the stationary train when I looked up and saw it for the first time. My wife never got to see the object because of the hazy window sheet.

TV/Radio Will provide details if need be!