Electronic City, Bangalore, Karnataka

June 7th 2006

Please note that this report looks to be suspicious and should be treated as a hoax - John @ UFOINFO.

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Electronic City/Bangalore/Karnataka/India.

Date: 07/06/2006 at 8.00PM Local Time (GMT+05:30)

Approach Direction: From North-NorthWest

Departure Direction: To South-SouthEast

Witness Direction: West

Description: I had a sigthing of probable UFO on June7 at 8.00PM.

I am a software engineer woking in India.
This is my third sighting of similar light in the sky.
I even had a sighting of a sphere (gray colored)like object in the sky in Canada (London) when I had gone there for an assignment in Nov 2004. I couldnt show it to my colleagues as the total duration of sighting was very minimal.

Just after that when I returned back I saw a light in the sky in India. It was at the same time that Tsunami lashed the shores of South Asia.

The present sighting was in the west direction at 8.00PM. As I stepped out of my office with my colleague after the days work I could see a light like a star moving slowly from North to South. These lights were similar to the ones I had seen before twice. As I watched it the light moved away from me as if it was a focussing light. Even after the light was switched off or phase of the object changed I could see the object moving for about a small distance.

My colleague who was facing me realised that was I was not listening to him but instead was staring the sky. He asked me what was I staring at and I told him what had happened but there was nothing to show.

No as it was travelling in a straight line (controlled way)

Possible with the sunlight reflecting from the gold cover of the satellite as it was rotating but it didnot repeat.

It was very high and the focused light was strongly visible and no tail or wing lights visible.

Color/Shape: Yellow-Orange light.

Height & Speed: Too high in space (it was looking as a bright star yellow-orange).

TV/Radio/Press: No


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