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Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


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Location: Kanpur, India

Date: 1979 (dont remember day and month, but I think it was a Sunday)

Time: About 2-3 PM in the afternoon in broad daylight (non of us were drunk)

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Shape not seen, but the object whizzed past about 100m above ground and disappeared into the sky in about 5-6 secs

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear afternoon 2-3pm

Description: I was a student in engineering at that time (batch 1976 - 1980). I and 2 of my classmates / friends were walking down a street towards our hostel after having lunch.

Suddenly an object just whizzed past us at super speed - and the sound was like a whoosh - but the path it took was almost like a gentle arc - came in from the depths of the sky and disappeared into the depths of the skies again.

But the whoosh shook some trees around like a very strong gust of wind and caught us a little off balance. It also made our hair whisk a little. Also there was a resonating sound in our ears of some high frequency waves - like it was just making our heads ring.....

While we were not able to se the object clearly because we were not expecting it and it whizzed past so fast - but I remember seeing a glimpse or shadow of the standard UFO shape - disc shaped with a raised bubble on top of it. and spinning - but no lights - colour was silver grey.

I immediately shouted out - UFO - UFO - but my friends and the people around were not so familiar with English and the magic of the moment just passed away in my trying to explain to them what had occurred.

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