OCTOBER 2nd 1994

Reported in the following national dailies :

1. The Sunday Times of India dt. 30 October,1994
Captioned "Hexagonal UFO sighted over Delhi"

2. The Telegraph (calcutta) dt. 27 October,1994
Captioned "Skywatcher claims UFO sighting"

Description of the UFO sighting :

Disgusted at not being lucky to join the group of amateur astronomers that left Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi for sky-viewing on the outskirts of Delhi in the evening of 2nd October 1994, I was dejectedly looking at the night sky around 8-30P.M. standing in the balcony of my house in the Gole Market locality of Delhi when I chanced to observe six dimly-lit yellow red star-likeobjects resembling configuration of a hexagon swiftly moving across the north-eastern skies at location somewhere between 40-45 degrees from the horizon.

Surprisingly, the swiftly moving unusual object did not produce any sound, and disappeared from the sight within less than a minute. There were no clouds in the sky at the time of sighting of the UFO.

I was utterly confused about my having personally seen an abnormal object in the sky which did not match description of any of the established heavenly objects on that eventful day of my life. Based on my knowledge of cosmology, I realized that the fast moving objects could not be group of stars either.

Out of sheer excitement and curiosity, I reported the chance observation of the unexplained object in a local daily with a view tolearning readers' reaction to my sighting. To my surprise, I did receive a rejoinder to my report from a scientist, Prof. K.S. Vashistha intimating sighting of UFO of similar description on 10th October 1994 at Agra (India). Subsequent to confirmation of my sighing of unusual object in the sky, the news of sighting UFO in Delhi sky was a big news in the national dailies.

Ashwini Kumar Lal


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