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UFO Sighting Report - Iran

January 19th 2007 : Babolsar

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Babolsar/Iran

Date: 1/19/2007. Time: 6:16 p.m. (local)

Approach Direction: north to south

Departure Direction: north to south

Witness Direction: upwards

Description: Babolsar is a UFO hotspot. The weather is usually cloudy here.During a week if the sky is clear, we can see the UFOs passing at least in two of the nights. I am a student here and am witnessing UFOs for two years. They pass almost regularly everyday from 6:15 to 6:30 p.m., although me and sometimes my friends have seen some in other occasions. Most of them are fast moving lights moving north to south or the reverse but I have seen some triangular shapes too which most of the time pass with high speed in a very low altitude. I'm trying to capture some on tape.

Color/Shape: I see them in the night, so I've got no idea of their color. The bright ones are circular and the others are triangular. I say triangular because consider that three small lights are moving consistently in the sky, you can't see the body of the craft at night but the lights. These lights are very dim and consistent at the three angles of the craft.

Height & Speed: Circular shapes: high altitude high/low speed. Triangular: high/low altitide high speed

TV/Radio/Press: Unfortunately, here people have zero nowledge of the UFOs. If you search the UFO sightings of Iran, you see that most of them are reported by foreigners or they are reported by people in the very imminent cases like crashes or big standing lights.