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Sighting Report

Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
October 11th 2001

Name: Francesca Moules

E-mail: frank@indigo.ie

Date: Thursday 11th October 2001
20:26 to 20:47 (The time I could start the video, but it was there before and when the video was stopped it was still there, since the sky was cloudy, the clouds were covering and was hard to record, so when a huge cloud came again, I stopped the camera.

Approach Direction:
North-west to north east

Departure Direction:
I could not catch when it was coming, it stayed at the times I recorded. For sometime longer than I could, I was tired to record it was 21 minutes I tried, so after I left recording, in some 15 minutes time it was vanished.

I saw a remarkable, bright light, I thought it was a star, but when I looked carefully, I saw it was very low, too bright to be a star and very clear. I got the camera and started to record, when I zoomed the camera I could see the lights circling around an object and turning. I kept recording but it was very cloudy and sometimes the clouds prevented it to be seen, I waited till it came back and went on recording, when i was tired, I left recording. it was still there, when a big piece of cloud closed it, 5 minutes after I stopped the camera, I decided not to go on. 10, 15 minutes later when I checked it was gone.

Moving, bright light, circle and turning around. With the naked eye, it was stable, when I zoomed the camera, which is very good zoom, I could see, it was moving, but the movement cannot be seen, when it is not zoomed enough.

Height & Speed:
I cannot say a very clear detailed approach and departure, cause I could not catch it at the time it was coming, and because of the clouds I could not see the departure.

TV/Radio/Press: It is recorded to the video. A video exists and can be seen.


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