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UFO Sighting Report - Ireland

July 2002 : Bohola, County Mayo

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Bohola, Ireland

Date: July ?? 2002

Time: 2 am approximately

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Best described as a spinning top shape

Weather Conditions: Fine clear night. No cloud.

Description: My partner and I have not reported this before as we did not think we would be believed. I still recall the event vividly.

We were out stargazing when we spotted a light in the southern quadrant of the sky. The light was low in the sky and we judged it to be around 2 miles distant. It did not have strobe lights but was lit. Through the binoculars I could just make out the outline, but what really caught my attention was the huge number of lights clustered around the central portion of the object. They were mainly orange and blue, with a few yellow and red.

The object moved slowly westwards towards the Atlantic and seemed to be approaching Castlebar when it turned 90 degrees to the right and started moving across in front of us. It carried on in that direction and when past our line of sight with Newport turned 90 degrees left and carried on outwards Achill Island and the sea. It was visible to us for around 15 minutes in all. The turns were sharp immediate turns, not sweeping curves. It was at the same height all the time it was visible.

We are about 400 ft up a hill and I would judge it to have been no more than 15 degrees above a level plane from us. When we were discussing it afterwards we both realised that we had heard absolutely no sound, and the dogs had not barked which normally they would if an aircraft came so low.

Castlebar is 12 miles from us so whilst it is very difficult to estimate, I would have said the object was about 100ft high, maybe more. Certainly comparable to the radio mast in Castlebar. We hear aircraft flying at 30,000+ feet as they go over from West to East around 4am but this was totally silent.