Inch Island, County Donegal

January 28th 2006

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Hi John, im [name deleted] and i live on inch island co. donegal ireland, im writing to you as i seen something in the sky on saturday night 28 jan. i was out looking at the stars as it was a night without clouds,i do this often, i was looking at Orion at about 01:00 (i think i was facing a southerly direction) in the morning and to the bottom left i seen a bright flashing light in the sky

i guess it was about 4 or five mives distant, low in the sky, it was flashing lots of colours every second, and it was rigid in the sky, i watched at intervals over 2 hours, then after a while it was not there anymore, during this time i did not see it move an inch, i was using binoculars but still could not see it clearly as the intense lights were causing a halo effect

i can say that it was not a helicopter, or some toy plane or anything. to be honest it seemed like the "typical common or garden by the numbers" UFO. i was just wondering if you heard about this or if anybody else did as this was my first sighting. typically i was all alone when i seen this. can anyone else confirm this sighting.


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