July 10th 2006 & September 2005

UFOINFO E-Mail Report

Hi my name is Eddie, my wife and I were standing in the front garden last night about 11:30pm when my wife spotted a very brite light high in the sky. It was moving north east it looked like it was going straight out to space the faster it went the dimmer it got until it was gone. It only lasted about 15 seconds, it may be nothing but it wasn't a jet of any type, We live in Dublin Ireland, what do you think. Thank you Eddie

Follow-up information from Brian Vike

Hi, in reply to your question about what my wife and i saw it was on the 10 july and there was no cloud cover and there was a full moon. Sorry I can't tell you any more in that it was a very brite round lite moving very fast, as it was heading out it got dimmer very fast.

Can I ask you another question? In September last year it was about 1:30am I was looking out my bedroom window. There was an object moving across the sky, it was dark in colour and slender in shape. There was a bank of 6 lites across it but when it passed us the lites to 3 over 3 then it started to gain hight and went into the clouds. It was that low there is a school at the back of our house, it is 3 stories high the object wasn't much higher and there was no sound comming from it. My wife seen this as well, hope I haven't wasted your time, thank you very much eddie.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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