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UFO Sighting Report - Ireland

September 9th 2008 : Leenan Fort, County Donegal

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Leenan Fort/Donegal/Ireland

Date: September 09 2008

Time: 20:05 - 20:40

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 1 with flashes

Shape of objects: Circular

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: On a drive with a few friends we decided to stop at Leenan Fort, Donegal just before dusk and decided to sit on the highest lookout point facing n/ne. We lay on the concrete as it got darker and watched the stars appear, then my friend said "look how bright that star is....wait is that moving", we then lay there watching this bright white circular object which was at great height (it just looked as bright as Venus in the winter) move north, stop, move south. Stop, ziz-zag north again, and then move in a semi circle back to its original spot. It did this about 8 times taking about 5 minutes to do its display each time, before stopping and moving at speed south before stopping again, about 5 seconds after it stopped, a flash was seen just in front of it, then another a bit away, then another further away, the light then started to move back and forth from north to south, then stopped.

One of our friends was very creeped out and decided to ring the Garda and tell them, although they suggested ringing an observatory. As my friend became more anxious we started to leave the lookout, as we were walking from the lookout the object seemed to become a lot more brighter. We all became very nervous, but then the object flew off at great speed towards the north/northeast direction towards open water. I mean it went so quick it was very scary, after about 2 minutes of very very quick walking we returned to the jeep and as we were about to get in we noticed a normal run of the mill satellite in the sky headed in the direction of where the object was, we knew it was a satellite because of the maintained speed and size, as we seen the satellite so shortly after it was easy to know this object from before wasn't anything any of us had seen before and to be honest, I was so uncomfortable that I don't know I'd wanna see it again.

I've seen a lot of stars, and a lot of satellites growing up as my mother is a somewhat amateur astrologist (astronomer?), and this was nothin like what I've seen before. The day later I tried to phone the Armagh Planetarium, but I got an automated response of opening times.