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UFO Sighting Report - Ireland

Early October 2008 : Dunmanway, West Cork

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Dunmanway West Cork

Date: Early October 2008

Time: About 5pm

Number of witnesses: Myself

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Bright light, 2nd cigar shaped object

Weather conditions: Clear

Description: I first noticed a very white bright light facing south in between the hills highly visible very low, at the same time traveling south east an object caught my attention it was brown black cigar shaped, hard at first to see until my eyes focused on it on looking away at the first noticed bright light I looked back to the object south east and spotted it again it was moving at height just above above the horizon. I am an amateur astronomer and see my self as having a trained eye I own a binoculars a reflector and camera, I also had a closer sighting at the time of the Bantry Bay sightings and a sighting with my brother, I have seen very bright lights traveling at the zenith but which have turned out to be light reflecting of an aeroplane,in talking to a farm woman she told me of a a friend of hers who witnessed quite often lights in the vicinity of Bantry.

TV/Radio: The time of the Bantry bay ufo radio reportings I observed my first in Clonakilty walking home about 1am, I spotted a red light on my left about a half mile away which was the height of about a hundred feet up there was no sound at all this shocked me as I thought it was a helicopter, I carried on walking and watching the light disappeared behind the hills but to my amazement appeared again and came towards me this scared me, there are famous standing stones called the Templebryan Standing Stones the light stoped over or around the stone flashed rapidly and then moved up and down so fast it looked like the light became one, it moved of to the right of me and the away from me, very scary. Please let me know if this is to be seen by any other person. Thank you.