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UFO Sighting Report - Ireland

October 11th 2009 : Raheny, Dublin

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Dublin /Raheny

Date: October 11 2009

Time: 10.20pm

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: Two

Shape of objects: Bright lights

Weather Conditions: Cloudless very still

Description: Bull Island driving along towards main road trying to view wild foxes in head lights, I noticed two very bright lights low on the horizon. For a moment I thought they were aircraft coming into land at Dublin Airport, then I thought that very odd as I could already see three planes in the air coming in to land over Howth with their usual front lights on full beam and flashing under belly lights.

The two lights I noticed were traveling south and had no flashing lights or any other colour lights on them, the colour was very unusual it was between orange and pink with a very bright bright centre, the two lights were identical. I pulled over to see if I could see more detail of the objects and to see if they were just stars as I've never seen things so bright in the sky other then planes landing lights, as that is the only thing I can compare them with except that strange colour.

They headed south, seemed to be climbing higher into the atmosphere and as they did the lower one started to slow down and gradually fade from sight. The higher one passed over head slowed down then did the same and faded from view, these were not satellites as they were in the atmosphere as I spotted them at the same level as inbound planes landing at Dublin Airport. While I was watching the lights, I could still see planes coming in to land at Dublin Airport.

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