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UFO Sighting Report - Ireland

January 27th 2010 : Portmarnock, Co. Finegal

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Portmarnock, Co. Finegal

Date: January 27th 2010

Time: 7:15pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: Approximately 50 - 100

Hi there

Last Wednesday night at about 7.15 I observed about 100 lights travelling north over Portmarnock.

Our house is on the flight path for arrivals into Dub Airport so we know what commercial airlines look and sound like.

These were flying in a large group headed north - didnt make any sound and were at a very high altitude.

I called my wife out to observe them to prove to myself I wasnt seeing anything ' normal '

Wondered did anyone else see these UFO's that night?


UFOINFO Note: As with other similar reports I asked the witness to have a look at the UFO Balloons website to see if this is what might have been seen and received the following reply:

Hi John

They were definitely not balloons ..... they may have been planes of some sort ... but over 50 going in the same direction ... they werent commercial ... and they didnt make any sound as most planes would over our house on the commercial flight path.

After that - I'm still intrigued.