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UFO Sighting Report - Ireland

May 22nd 2010 : Enniscrone, Co. Sligo

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Enniscrone, Co. Sligo. Ireland

Date: 22 05 2010

Time: 23:12 hrs approx

Number of witnesses: 3

Number of objects: 5

Shape of objects: Circular

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Light cloud, dry

Description: Started off with five circular yellow lights. All five rose up. The formation was two over three (circular yellow lights). Two then moved away and disappeared. The remaining three changed to an orange colour. One of these three lights then moved off and disappeared. The other two continued to rise up and then moved through the sky and eventually went out of sight. This could not have been one object as they were moving at different speeds.


Hi there John,

I am writing to you in reference to a recent UFO sighting report for Enniscrone, Co.Sligo, Ireland. ( ) This account tells of a number of orange lights in the sky above Enniscrone.

My father was walking on the same night by Cliff Road in Enniscrone which looks out over the strand and Killala Bay. He saw the said lights in question and as I asked him to describe them to me, his description matched that of the account mentioned earlier. He had not seen your site or the report. The thing is, he saw these lights from an early stage and he tells me that they are in fact 'wedding lanterns' which were let off from the Ocean Sands Hotel, Enniscrone, which is located on the main street bordering the strand. He correctly identified the number of lights, the colour, and the behaviour pattern relative to the UFO report on your site.

I hope this information was of some assistance to you and may I wish you all the best!