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UFO Sighting Report - Ireland

July 2nd 2010 : Ringsend, Dublin

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Rings End Dublin

Date: July 2 2010

Time: 10:59pm

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Circle, dome

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear but patches of clouds

Description: I was working the door tonight, Rings End Dublin, docklands. From my view the mountains, where look out point would be, was directly in front of me. There was a star/ planet over to the left side from me, I noticed something appear below it and move to the right, there were light hazy clouds, but this thing moved swiftly to the right, it really looked like it was flowing fluidly. I cant really describe it except to say it glided at pace but such a smooth action.

It began to emit a bright pulse of light, starting yellow then holding its aura before turning a mixture of both yellow and orange, the weird thing was that the light surrounded it but at a distance that would move along with the object kind of what the storm on jupiter looks like, thats the best way I can describe it, the light moved in sync with the object.

Watching that one another one appeared behind the first and raced up beside the first, the first one slowed itself but yet held its movement forward at the same time allowing for the second object to catch up. Both were exactly the same, the same look, same light and most of all the same shape. The shape of the objects themselves were, well u could tell they had weight to them, but they were of a, I dont even know if this would be the best way to describe it, but it was kind of like an acorn, or plumb, something dense, something with weight.

They raced across the sky covering a decent distance in, if even, 2 seconds. I never saw anything like it. Watching this I called out to the people beside me and pointed to what I saw, only one girl saw it, by the time the others adjusted their sight it was over, it was impossibly fast, like flash bang boom, gone.. But thats not the end of it, more sightings occurred, I even got to get footage of the 3rd object passing over head, it was a new fone so I didnt know how to work the recorder but what I did get anyone can see it ISNT A plane, there is no sound no blinking lights, just bright pulsating light... Ive seen 5 others in the same night, the whole thing lasted 2 hours, a lot of people saw the last five... Contact me I can show u the clip I can bring u down to show u exactly where and how they moved I can tell u the times, my co worker can vouch for seeing 4.. Im really excited about this I want to talk with someone who knows about these things... Even though I feel like it.. Im not crazy, I know what I saw... I just cant believe it..


Additional information:

Hi John

Its unlikely that I could forward it on to you because I dont have the right connections to download it. It wasnt my phone so I only managed to catch the last few moments of it. What I can tell you was that it was not a plane, it was lower then the normal altitude for a plane, it was white, it made no sound and had no indicators on that would confirm it as being a plane. If you choose to believe me I counted 8 in total.. I know it sounds crazy but this took place over two hours from the first sighting at 10:59pm on Friday the 2nd of June to the last sighting at 12:08 on Saturday morning the 3rd. What I have caught on video was the bright light.. Pulsing as it faded out and disappeared. I can show u the exact movement and location these sightings took place also I can show u the clip... Note that it was recorded on a mobile so the image quality wasnt that good...