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UFO Sighting Report - Ireland

July 7th 2010 : Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Castlepollard Co Westmeath

Date: July 7 2010

Time: 10:32 - 10:46

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Orange Glow no visible body shape

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Light Cloud background clear sky visible

Description: Last evening Sunday 11th July at approx 10.32 walking North out of Castlepollard a very noticeable red/orange object approached the north end of the town under the light cloud cover (1000 feet?)from the Edgeworthstown direction (Northwest). As it approached and flew by in an Eastern direction it possibly covered a 5-mile, possibly more, distance taking about 2 minutes to cross the town and curved away in a Northeasterly direction and disappeared. Approximately 25 seconds later the object it re-appeared in the Northwest coming from Edgeworthstown direction..and took the same trajectory and time as before and disappeared similarly. Again about 20 or 25 seconds later it again re-appeared in the Northwest and flew over as before and disappeared to the Northeast. It did not re-appear a 4th time although I had already captured the 2nd and 3rd fly-bys on my mobile phone. It showed no anti-collision lights, no Port and Starboard wingtip lights, no rotor slap..there was absolutely no sound on any of the 3 fly-bys..and it was then we noticed that there was no sound at birds..nothing..just silence. The object couldn't have been more than maybe 2 miles from where we were standing and and I'm sure we would have heard some sort of engine noise. The mystery could this object take 2 minutes to cross/cover a fairly sizeable distance from the Northwest to it's disappearing point in the Northeast and reappear in the Northwest 25 seconds later?


UFOINFO Note: I wrote to the witness asking if he had considered that what he saw was three individual objects and not the same one returning each time? I also asked if he could send a copy of the video to me for inclusion with this report and received the following reply:.

John hi.

I did consider that right the object I reckoned couldn't have covered the distance going back on itself to it's starting point as quick as it did. I also considered they might have been these lanterns that people put candles into..but the thing about all 3 objects was that when they came out of the exact same position in the northwest, they followed the exact same trajectory firstly and when they started to head northeast, but only then, did the orange glow disappear but you could still see a black object going away..the point here being that even when the object had passed us and gone on some distance the orange glow and size of the object never changed as though for example it was an aircraft with it's landing lights on.

The videos are pretty good except for where I tried to zoom in on the 2nd and 3rd passing. I only followed he 2nd object for 1.24 minutes but followed the 3rd object for the full 3 minutes from it appearing until it had passed us so far to the east that it became difficult to see.

All 3 as I think I reported happed between 22.32 and 22.42, the second object appeared at 22.36 and the 3rd at 22.42 taking 3 minutes exactly to travel I would say a distance of between 4 and 6 miles.

I immediately rang ATC at Dublin Airport and asked was there any unusual activity or aircraft on Radar and was told 'no' and there 'hasn't been anything over that area in quite a while'.

I'll try and upload the videos in the next few days John.