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UFO Sighting Report - Ireland

June 14th/15th 1999 : Leighlinbridge/Royal Oak area, Carlow

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Leighlinbridge Royal Oak area in Carlow Ireland

Date: estimated date 14-15 June 1999 Time: 3am GMT

Approach Direction: South

Departure Direction: North

Witness Direction: west

Description: Very low flying black triangle. Very well lit up. Travelling very fast. Silent. Disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

Color/Shape: Black triangle. The point of the triangle was facing the direction in which it was travelling. The other two points of the triangle were one at each side and the long part of the triangle was to the back. At the centre of the back there was something sticking out. The part that was sticking out appeared to be cylinder shaped.

Height: 60-70 feet from the ground.
Speed: I cannot decide. It travelled very fast. Perhaps as fast as a car at full speed or somewhat faster. Constant speed on approach and departure. It may have been stalled for a while.

TV/Radio/Press: The next day a story of a sighting of a UFO appeared in the Star newspaper. A UFO was spotted by children in Dublin the same night while they were out camping. Their description of what they saw was an exact description of what we say and it was a half hour later.