January 15th 1974

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Frank

Location: Eailat/Aquba Isreal

Date: 1/15/74 7:00 Mid-eastern?

Approach Direction: Object hovered across road and above beach in the east. 50 meters or so.

Departure Direction: Moved off slowly and silently towards the south.

Witness Direction: Twenty or so witnesses were looking up and toward the east in astonishment.

Description: About 7:00 I was awoken by the hoots and shouts of about 20 student aged folks all excitedly pointing up at this cigar-shaped ufo just hanging there above us. It almost felt like it was mockingly challenging us to figure out what it was. It defyed all assumptions but one.It was a UFO.

Color/Shape: It appeared to be a silvery-pewter and looked exactly like a cigar tube. To this day I still think about how absurd this sounds but it's true.

Height & Speed: It was about 50 meters from where we stood at a 45 degree angle and it hovered just long enough to exhaust all our reasoning.5 or 10 minutes. maybe.

TV/Radio/Press: As far as I know it was not reported. But then being an American, I don't speak either Hebrew or Arabic so I would'nt know.


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