Sanluri, Cagliari, Sardinia

November 23rd 2004

Sanluri (Cagliari), 23 November 2004: photographed one gigantic flying structure

Photo of object seen over Sanluri. Image courtesy of UFO Italia
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We receive two relative signallings of sight to the same phenomenon, of extraordinary importance and absolutely without previous, R-with regard to the characteristics del' event. The first testimony, rendered from serious and reliable person, is equipped from one digital photography them turned out authentic. The short description of the rendered event to Ufoitalia from Mark P. di Sanluri (Cagliari) nearly reaches at the same time that one of the customer Francisco M., always of Sanluri.

Here the testimony of Mark P., which the customer has joined the photography: "a strange fact yesterday happened 23 November to the 12:00 approximately to Sanluri in province of Cagliari. I have seen to a remarkable height and are successful for a moment to immortalarlo with my digital machine them. Premetto that for some minute this object is remained immovable to my skillful extreme, after some minute has begun to move in regular and decidedly fast way covering one remarkable distance in little moments until disappearing of all. I send to you in attached the photo of the object, I would want to know what of thoughts. Mark P."

And here the second testimony, rendered from Francisco M.: "Kind Malini and Dezi, compliment for wonderful situated and the research work that fairies and that often it regards my island. Yesterday, 23/11/2004 towards noon, I have seen one strange phenomenon in sky. I cannot define it UFO, because living what seemed nearly one, similar to the creatures described from Lovecraft. It was enormous and contorceva in air, provoking itself in me much fear. Then it has had a contraction, as a jellyfish and is flown via, in direction the west. I did not have drunk and I do not make drug or drug use. Salutes. Francisco M.".

Roberto Malini - Federico Dezi www.ufoitalia.net

UFOINFO Note: The text above is a AltaVista translation and as appears on the UFO Italia website.

UFOINFO thanks Federico Dezi and UFO Italia for this report


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