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UFO Sighting Reports for July 2007 in Italy

July 6th 2007 : Verona

July, 6 2007 23.30 - Number of witness 10 - Duration: about 10 minutes - City: Verona One red light hovering fixed in the sky with two yellow lights on the sides moving away from it and then coming back in.

After a few minutes the yellow lights moved away in opposite direction at incredible speed while the red one stood still.

After a few seconds everything faded.

July 8th 2007 : Osnago (Lecco)

July, 8 2007 10.30 - Number of witness 2 - Duration 20 minutes - City: Osnago (Lecco)

Spherical object seen hovering in place for 20 minutes over a field. The object had a diameter of about 2/3 meters and was hovering over the field at above 15/20 mt. It was hovering and floating moving in a circle-like pattern always at the same altitude.

July 8th 2007 : Biella

July, 9 2007 22.30 - Number of witness 2 - Duration: 10 minutes - City: Biella

My and my girl were in the car when we noticed a bright luminous sphere in the sky with a luminous circle sorrounding. The object was hovering immoble for 10 minutes then vanished. When this happened the sky flashed two times with yellow light and violet lightnings.

July 11th 2007 : Bologna

July, 11 2007 07.45 - Number of witness 2 - Duration: 20 minutes - City: Bologna

Yesterday moring at around 7,45 in Bologna I was sitting and sudying for school and looking at the sky I noticed a white object with an irregular shape moving slowly. It was constantly changing shape. In a sudden a smaller spherical object come out of it (like a star) and then a second one.

A bit far from it two small "lights" appeared and they seemed to run and follow each other. I called a friend of mine by phone who is linving near.

She went out of the window and noticed the same thing. After about 20 minutes the object faded from sight becouse it was slowing drifting away and the 2 lights disappeared. ::

UFOINFO thanks Massimiliano Mattei and for granting permission to use the reports.