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UFO Sighting Report - Italy

August 15th 2007 : Pozza di Fassa, Trento

Report from Massimiliano Mattei and

August, 15 2007 - Rifugio Buffaure mt. 2080 - Pozza di Fassa (Trento - Italy)

The witness was taking pictures of the valley from mt. 2080 and when viewing back the pictures noticed this object with apparent metallic borders (fassa1.jpg attached). The witness assumes the object was at about mt. 2000 altitude and km. 1 away from the camera.

We still have to conduct image enhanchements on the picture to determine if is really an "adamski-style" ufo or some bird flying in the zone.

The witness released his personal data and when contacted provided original high-res pictures (attached as fassa2.jpg and fassa3.jpg) so anyone who is interested could help us carry on this kind of analysis.

Enlarged section of photo showing possible 'UFO'

Click photos for full size originals

Reduced size photo showing view the possible 'UFO' - Click photo for full size original

Reduced size photo showing view with the possible 'UFO' closer to the camera - Click photo for full size original

UFOINFO thanks Massimiliano Mattei and for granting permission to use the reports.