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UFO Sighting Report - Italy

Summer 1967 : Siderno Marina, Siderno Reggio di Calabria

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Siderno Marina (Reggio Calabria) Italy

Date: summer '67?

Time: nighttime

Number of witnesses: many people in street, but no one noticed (its puzzling me)

Number of objects: one

Shape of objects: dish shaped, light coming out of round window like, alternatively from each window in rotating way

Weather Conditions: warm balmy summer night

Description: I was sitting outside our home with my father and a neighbour. My father and the guy where talking and I was listening to the story. I remember very well what they where talking about. I have always been curious about how stars are positioned in the firmament, so every now and then I would look up while listening to the story. Then I sow the thing. It was fast moving and a beacon like light was coming out of the oblos: first from one then from another as the thing flew and rotated on itself. Then after about 50 metres it disappeared! While this was happening I looked at dad and the guy who momentarelly looked up, I was expetting some reaction from them, but they went on talking and I understood that they hadn't seen it! At the same time I had a dejavu feeling. Sometime it comes in to my mind this episode that I cannot understand.

Intelligence makes me think it didnt happen, but it has happened. It still leaves me wondering.

TV/Radio: I dont think it was reported. The old man been illitterate probably, even if he saw it, he might not given any importance. But i still think I was the only one to notice. There was a few people sitting outside their doors to enjoy the cool of that summer night.


Additional information:

Thank you for answering my email. It is interesting in the updates to see all the late sightings.

I forgot to add in the submission the thing was not blurry at all; it was clear and it was about a few hundred metres from the top of the buildings. To my knowledge the scale would have been big, if not huge, and it is still quite clear in my mind. The other thing is I consider myself a balanced person, I do not believe in superstitious thing e.g.astrologists, magic, mediums etc. etc, but facts.