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UFO Sighting Report - Italy

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August, 10 2007 - Langhirano (Parma - Italy)

In the zones of Arola, Pilastro and Pannocchia, some people have witnessed four red lights. The picture has been taken by one of the witness, looking for falling stars in that night, on the hills of Arola where he saw the strange lights with some friends.

"We were there by a few minutes when a bright red light suddenly appeared in the sky. It stood still hovering very high in the sky. After a few second 3 other lights appeared together leaving all of us breathless" (picture attached).

The witness said the four red lights keeped hovering at the same altitude for some minutes before disappearing.

Many people in the zone witnessed the same event from different locations staring fascinated to the 4 red lights fixed in the night sky.

Photo showing four red lights in night sky


Today (August 27th) a user of forum pointed to a video posted on of our previous report in Parma


About the "Italian UFO video from Air force"

The video has not been released from Italian Airforce. The place where the video was allegedly shot is Valcellina, Ponte Giulio a Monte Reale di Vajont (Pordenone) near the Airforce Base of Aviano (Italy). The video was filmed by an anonymous and sent to the ufo researcher Antonio Chiumento. It was broadcasted on July, 23 2004 by the local TV "Telepordenone" and Mr. Chiumento already declared it to be a fake and that an anonymous movie could not even be taken in account for further examination.

At that time Telepordenone received an e-mail from anonymous people telling they were the authors of the video.


About the Haiti video

It has been cleared the video is a fake made with a 3d software for natural environments called "Vue 6 Infinte".

Not only the ufos are fake but even the palms and the rest of the landscape is fully CGI rendered.


Ufo witnessed above house roof in Massa Lombarda (RA) - Italy

This picture was taken by mr. Andrea Soprani who seems to be witnessing a real ufo flap in his zone. Starting on January, 4 2007 three crop circles appeared near his house, with the last appearing on May, 22 2007. From that date above his house, the witness has been able to take pictures and movies of several unusual flying objects.

The UFO varied from the sigar shaped ones to the "classical" triangle UFO.

Also starting from that date, the Airforce seems to have intensified their flight above the witness house.

Several citizens of Massa Lombard seems to refer about strange lights appearing in the witness zone.

Photo showing object in night sky

UFOINFO thanks Massimiliano Mattei and for granting permission to use the reports.