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UFO Sighting Report - Italy

Various Reports from

August, 15 2007 - Porto San Paolo (Sassari - Italy)

A red "burning-like" sphere has been sighted for about 5 minutes floating in the sky of Porto San Paolo (Sassari - Italy)

This is the witness account:

"During the night of August, 15 2007 i saw in the starry sky an odd red light, it seemed to me a burning ball. It showed an "hot" light fading somehow from "hot-yellow" in the middle to red on the outer of the object.

The intensity of the light always remained the same and it moved very slowly. After about 5 minutes it disappeared all of a sudden.

I had my professional (75-3000) camera with me and was able to take some shots. The main picture (attached as red-ball1.jpg) had a f0cus of 300, zoomed as much as I could. The second one (attached as red-ball2.jpg) is a digital enlargement at 800%. I was not alone during the sighting. I called some people to watch the object and we were all very surprised and without an explanation for what we were witnessing."

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Photo showing red 'sphere'

800% enlargement of red sphere photo

June, 30 2007 from Napoli (Italy)

A similar sighting was witnessed on June, 30 2007 from Napoli (Italy)

A red "burning sphere" moving slowly from bottom to top and then moving to the left (looking at the sky), lasted for about 4 minutes. The sighting occurred during a dinner around 23.00 at night and was witnessed by 8 people. It was filmed with a mobile phone even though the movie is not really clear because of phone quality, while all the event was perfectly visible to us with "naked-eye" and lasted over 4 minutes so it couldn't be a meteor or such.


August, 15 2007 - Fucecchio (Firenze - Italy)

Sighting witnessed by a couple wich was able to take a shot with their mobile phone.

"On August, 15 at around 21.35 me and my girlfriend where in Fucecchio (Firenze) in a country road. We stopped near a field to take a sunflower and noticed a light in the sky toward North-East.

It was very dark so we could see this light very well. At first glance we thought it was a plane or may an helicopter but soon we realized it couldn't be any of those because at first it was hovering in the sky standing still, then after a few seconds it started moving toward east in a zig-zag fashion glowing brighter and dimmer in a pulsating fashion. A that point we took a picture (attached as fucecchio1.jpg) with our mobile phone. After a while the "light" disappeared slowly moving toward east leaving us astonished at what we had just witnessed and even more at what appeared in the picture taken with the phone!"

Photo showing light in the sky

Attached as fucecchio2.jpg the same picture with inverted colors edited by "Wizard" ( forum user)

Photo showing light in the sky with the colours inverted


Several "V" or triangle formations/objects witnessed all around Italy during August.

August, 13 2007 - Valpolicella (Pescantina - Verona - Italy)

"At around 22.35 we sighted around the zenith, 9 orange objects at high altitude and arranged in a "V" formation.They moved very fast in east-south/east direction. At around 23.00 we witnessed also 2 orange object in a very close formation at a considerably lower altitude (they could be seen below the clouds at that moment) moving extremely fast toward west. The shape of the object was clearly visible at that moment and it was somehow that of a "bat" with two "trinagular" wings glowing constantly in orange. We were on sky watching for falling stars on that night."

August, 17 2007 - Valpolicella (Pescantina - Verona - Italy)

"At 00.19 we sighted seven orange objects in formation in the sky between Cassiopea and CYgnus constellations.

They were moving blazing fast in a south direction and descending (the object enlarged fast as they where coming nearer). The shape was exactly the same of our previous sightings occurred on August, 13 with no apparent noise at all.

At 00:58, five objects with the same features already described could be seen moving fast at very low altitude coming from south. Their shape against the clouds was clearly visible and it was a really impressing view! We could see those objects even from behind since the disappeared in a north-north/west direction and were flying at a very "low" altitude. There was no apparent "rocket" or "enginge" on their back and everything happened in total silence. They were bigger in the middle (editor note: like a "classic" flying saucer shape). Since this is the second sighting in a short period we are planning sistematic sky watch session and plan to take some shots as well."

August 15, 2007 - Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza - Italy)

Ten bright rings in a "V" formation at lighting fast speed in the skies over Camisano Vicentino.

"I was with my children on the terrace trying to catch some falling stars around 21.40 and suddenly we could see 10 luminous rings arranged in a "V" formation. Their were moving at impressing high speed so I could see them for about 3 seconds (an airplane in the same air space would need 10 seconds to cross). I was very impressed because there was no apparent noise and it seemed like those rings where lights of a single object. In the front of this object/formation the sky seemed to blur like the effect you can watch on a road when is very hot."

August 16, 2007 - Tarquinia (Viterbo - Italy)

Three bright "stars" in a triangular formation over Tarquinia sky between August 15 and 16.

"In the night between August 15 and 16 at around 01,30 me and my friend was looking for falling stars when all of a sudden we sighted a strange object. It came from north-east at fast speed. At first we thought it was a plane but it made no sound at all and seemed to "float" in the air like moving on "oil". It looked like a triangular formation of 3 luminous points. We could witness it for about 7 seconds because it was moving at an extremely fast speed, much more than any regular aircraft."

August 13, 2007 - S.Benedetto del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno - Italy)

Object similar to an upside down "V" moving very fast.

"This night I was going back to my camping after being on the beach to look for falling stars and looking for the last time to the sky I noticed an object moving at an extremely high speed crossing the sky. I just had the time to call a friend of mine that could witness the object as well. There was no noise and eveything lasted for about 10 seconds. It was composed of 12 orange/red lights disposed in a upside down "V" formation flying at low altitude.

Similar reports submitted to NUFORC:

Editor's Note: About the 3 lights object. I personally was able to witness for 2 times the NOSS satellite formation (3 satellites going in formation) and it is visible like a very large irregular triangle not like a very tight simmetrical formation.

NOSS pictures:


This period we receive a considerable amount of sightings because people looks more at the sky searching for falling stars. This makes us think that if people looked more at the sky during the year even in "normal" period, they would have the possibility to see something rather than just have "believe" in something.

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