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UFO Sighting Report - Italy

Various Reports from

August, 9th 2007 h20.00 - Piedimonte S.Germano (Frosinone - Italy)

Casual shot of an UFO

"It was around 20.00 of August, 9 when I was doing some testing with my Nikon D200 with AF-S DX 18-70 optics, with automatic shot.

I simply took some random shots. When I reviewed the pictures to verify the quality of the camera and optics, I noticed something strange on the first picture. (pic0.jpg and pic1.jpg attached).

An object between the house roof and the high-voltage wire. I didn't notice anything while taking the shots, I just stumble upon this object when reviewing the pictures at home.

Visibility was really good with a very clear sky."

(Editor's note: pic2.jpg is a zoomed gfx elaboration of the object, we made)

pic0.jpg - click image for full size
pic0.jpg - Click image for full size



July, 18th 2007 h00.55 - Paola (Cosenza - Italy)

An object suddenly appears during a short black-out.

"It happened just a bunch of hours ago... It was really curious and strange. I was in my car with a friend, parked under her house. After a while we saw the urban lights turn off, lika a local black-out that seemed to affect all the city. While we were still wondering what may have been happened suddenly a really strange oblungated (maybe triangular) object appeared in front of us. It crossed the visibile part of the sky really fast (sighting lasted about 5 seconds).

The thing that really amazed us was that this happened right when the black-out took place and the strange way this object seemed to fly... Like if it was gliding somehow or if it was ultra-light.

We also noticed 3 lights on this object. After a while the city lights went back on.

September, 6th 2007 h11.20 - Sant'Agata Li Battiati (Catania - Italy)

Shapeshifting and reflecting object moving at fixed and slow speed in the distance

"I was in Sant'Agata Li Battiati (Catania), sitting on car-wash seat. It was around 11.20 with a clear sky, some winds and hot sun. The sky was neat blue with some clouds. I was looking at it when I see something "white" flying. It was so "white" that I couldn't realize if it was luminous on its own or reflecting the sun.

It seems to change shape or rotate on his axis somehow and was flying at a very high altitude (clouds passed below it!).

I couldn't define the size of this object. The speed was costant and slow.

It was going in a straight path toward North (toward Mt. Etna). The as I took a picture with my Pentax K100D it suddenly come to an alt for a bunch of seconds and then started again at its speed but toward West this time! (white1.jpg attached)

It changed direction fron North to West all of a sudden, without making any kind of "curve" a 90 degree turn.

From the shots it seems really smaller than it was with naked eye (too bad). Again it seemed to flash or spin around it's axis. The thing that impressed me the most is that it really stopped when I took a shot of it with my camera.

white1.jpg - click image for full size

Massimiliano Mattei

UFOINFO thanks Massimiliano Mattei and for granting permission to use the reports.