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UFO Sighting Report - Italy

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April, 29 2007 - Busto Arsizio (VA - Italy)

Italian astrophile films UFO hovering over the moon

Alberto Meryer, astrophile in Busto Arsizio (VA) managed to film a UFO crossing the moon very slowly, stopping, curving and going outside the satellite in another direction.

He edited all the videos and overlapped them to a static image of the moon to show clearly the object's anomalous motion.

"On the night of April 29, I was trying to focus my camera attacheded to the telescope. The high zooming factor and atmospheric turbulence were causing issues to the focusing steps.

The moon appeared "waving" but I immediatly noticed the presence of a small black dot in the corner of our satellite. At first glance I thought it was just dust on the lens of the camera. After taking a better look I saw the dot moving very slowly and it had the classic "distortions" produced by "bad seeing" (atmospheric turbulence). At this point I immediatly tried to start filming the object getting images as clear as I could."

The video above now runs from the UFOINFO site thanks to Massimiliano Mattei and .

Original video:

"The first hypothesis, of a geostationary satellite was discarded after the first data analysis. Even if the area did match one of a GeoSync satellite, the size didn't match, the object would have been 1Km. large. Another hypothesis, the meteorological balloon, was discarded as well after trigonometric calculations because of the prospective size and even because at that time it was impossible to have a meteo balloon there, considering the distance of airports."

Alberto was helped in the search of alternative identifications of the object by the astrophile association "Sheratan" who asked around the world suggestions on the the nature of the UFO. No one came up with a reasonable explanation of the object apart from a simple "childrens baloon" hovering in front of the camera.

This explanation still doesn't convice us much because of some factors:
- The path of the object going slowly in a straight perfect line, then stopping, changing direction and going again in a perfect line.
- The sharpness of the object. Focussing the camera at the moon should have rendered a so close object far more blurred.

Anyway this would not be the first sighting which has the moon as "main actor". Apart from the historical data from official Apollo/NASA missions, videos and astronauts witness, a more recent case can be seen filmed here:
Direct video link here:

Full article:

Image from video showing 'object/shadow' above the moon

September, 19 2007 - Ischia (NA - Italy)

Strange oval object with a hole underneath filmed while overing

"On September, 19 I was on holiday in Ischia near Aragonese Castle and we sighted this strange object. It was hovering about 100-200 meters high, and it was really big in size. Too huge to be a classic balloon... At first glance we thought it was an aereostatic balloon, due to its big size, but we noticed that it spun around in all directions (this can be seen clearly from the videos) so we put aside the "aereostatic balloon" or any other "man-made" device option.

We noticed also that it seemed to change colors in the yellow-gray scale and it seemed to be a "compact" object not a lightweight one.

It had a hole beneath but it can be seen only in the second video that my girlfriend took with her movie camera, while I was filming with my mobile phone, taking shots with the digital camera (attached) and I managed to take a short video with the digital camera as well.

Another video (above) from another witness and another point of view on the latest "Ischia sighting" I reported. From this video the altitude of the object can be seen clearly and his position is different from the previous ones. Now it seems to stay on his vertical axis, excluding the radio-piloted balloon.
Added to report on October 3rd 2007

Video 1: (camera video)

Video 2: (mobile phone)

Video 3: (digital camera)

Video 4: (another witness video):

Some pictures and graphic elaboration made on the forum are attached as well.

Ischia1-Ischia8.jpg are pictures of the objects and enanchements

Ischia8.jpg is a comparison with a hovering toy. But after some analysis this can be discarded due to the many differences and the rotation/movement of the ufo.

Ischia9.jpg is another similar object witnessed elsewhere and analyzed from forum users.



ischia3a.jpg - click photo for full size original (ischia3.jpg)
Click photo for full size original

Note: The following 3 images are still frames not videos



ischia7a.jpg - click photo for full size original (ischia7.jpg)
Click photo for full size original


ischia9a.jpg - click photo for full size original (ischia9.jpg)
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(Editor note: this object seems very similar to the Alberto Mayer sightings above, even if it is impossible to make exact comparison due to the lack of details in the "moon" video)

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