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UFO Sighting Report - Jamaica

1947(?) : Kingston

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies

Date: Approximately time 12 noon Approximate year 1947

Approach Direction: North to South Movement

Departure Direction: Disappeared after 10 minutes

Witness Direction: East

Description: Two Silver Discs, side by side, moving from place to place simultaneously. When they moved from one location to the other they disappeared until they materialized at the other location. The movement gave the impression of darting from here to there. There were two objects that moved simultaneously.

Color/Shape: Silver discs that appeared to wobble slightly while stationary. They were under the clouds so they could not have been higher than 1000 feet.

Height & Speed: Approximately 1000 feet high and moved from place to place. When they moved from one location to the other they were not visable until they appeared in the other location.

TV/Radio/Press: I reported my sighting to APRO in 1972 and it was recorded in their files. I then became an investigator for APRO under Carol Lorenzen. I did several investigations in Tucson. I also enlisted a fellow engineer who was a soils engineer to test the weight of an object that landed in California. Carol Lorenzen asked me if there was a type of engineer who could accertain the weight of an object by the impression it made in the soil. I recommended my friend Charles Martin who carried out the investigation and also became and investigator for APRO.

APRO means Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization for those of you who have come lately to UFO investigations. Carol Lorenzen gave me credit in her last book for the investigations I an others did for APRO.