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UFO Sighting Report - Malaysia

August 31st 1991 : Pasir Gudang Highway, Johor

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Pasir Gudang Highway, Johor, Malaysia

Date: 31-Aug-1991

Time: slightly after midnight, between 12-12:30am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Too huge & passed at high speed, covered my whole windscreen, could not made out the shape.

Weather Conditions: calm night

Description: On 31-8-1991, sometime after midnight between 12am-1230am. Pasir Gudang Highway.

There were 4 persons in my car, I was driving, 1 sitting front seat, and 2 others fast asleep in the back seat. We had just returned from supper after a whole day of a taekwondo competition in the Johor Bahru city.

I could not recall the exact stretch or point of the highway where this encounter took place, but it was towards the middle of the journey after exiting to the highway from Johor Bahru city, traveling towards Pasir Gudang. It was very dark, there was no street light on the highway (back then Pasir Gudang was not fully developed yet), and my vehicle was the only one passing that stretch of highway at that time.

All of a sudden, an object, very bright, something like silvery or white colour, flew passed in front of my car. It was silent; there was no sound at all. I was driving about 80-90kph. It happened so fast, and the speed of the object was so fast, it flew right across my path, passing from my right (driver side) to the left (passenger side) before it disappeared into the darkness in the forest on the left side of the highway.

As there was no street light, the only light came from my vehicle front light. What I saw was just that split maybe 5 seconds, right in front of my path, and I could not make out the shape of the object, but I knew it was huge because it covered my whole car windscreen at that moment when it flew across.

As I was very focus on my driving, I just continued driving. My reaction was actually no reaction at all as I thought I was dreaming (which was fortunate in a way because if I would have reacted at the moment I might have lost control of my vehicle), until my friend seated in front seat asked, “hey, what was that?!”...I did not answer because I did not know what was that and I had to continue driving, and there was no way I am going to stop to check.... And my friend shouted, “Hantu!!!” (means ghost in Malay/Bahasa Malaysia), at the same time he manually winded up his side of the car wondow super fast (the air-con was not switched on before that). Only after his remark, I started to tremble with fearů and I too winded up my window, well we all got back safely...but with my hand shaking while holding onto the steering wheel all the way back.

The 2 other friends were still fast asleep in the back seat. Both of us did not talk or discuss about it thereafter, till many years later when I bumped into him, I asked him what was that object, he remains a question mark.

TV/Radio: I am not aware of any related news. It took me many years to convince myself I did see something, i.e., an unidentified object which fly. Now that internet provided a mean to share this fact, and reading so many other encounter by other people, that indeed I am not alone who had witness something like this, I just want to document it somewhere.