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UFO Sighting Report - Malta

April 23rd 1992 : Zebbug

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Zebbug, Malta, Europe

Date: 23rd April 1992

Time: approx. 19.50 hrs

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Cigar/horizontal tube shaped with kind of spikes protruding

Weather Conditions: All clear sky

Description: An extremely loud whining noise is heard first. One of the two ladies who resided in this house go over to one of the verandahs yeard's door to check this unfamiliar excesive "noise". Verandahs yard measurement approx. 32 feet X 25 feet. Buiding height of this 300 year-old house approx. 45 feet. On looking outwards into the yard witness observes an excessive bright orange/ reddish light coming down along the walls of the yard.

The strong loud whining noise stayed on...

One particular observation was that it clearly appeared that while the bright orange/ reddish light was lowing down, it was not the whole wall that was lighting was only up to a limit, up tp a sort of imaginery line! One part of the wall was completely excessively illuminated and the lower part of the wall (a few inches below) was in the dark or somehow unlit. In my opinion, this suggests that such crafts have the means of "limiting" their sighting. It was observed that this cigar/ horizontal tube-shaped object had kind of spikes jutting out vertically.

Whereas house's owners's pet dog would jump up barking to any slight noise that it might hear, on this occurrence, the dog was scared/ petrified.

Time duration of this occurrence may have lasted approx. 25 seconds, after which whining sound/ noise increased further, then came a louder snapping noise,actually one big loud snap, and all was gone.

The next day I checked with airport air trafic controllers to confirm whether there was any low flying helicopters of some sort on the previous evening. Reply was in the negative. And so with commercial aircraft and others similar.

The following day also, no comments or complaints by neighbours.

In my opinion, both noise/sound and sight is somewhat "limited".

TV/Radio No reports forwarded.
On the same evening object was seen over Mellieha, in the northern part of Malta.
Another important fact to include is that lady's bank ATM card was rendered ineffective when used on ATM.