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UFO Sighting Report - Mexico

January 17th 2000 : Acapulco

Ovni Over Acapulco Mexico

19th January 2000


My dear Respected UFOlogysts,

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Updated at 7:43 AM Eastern time wednesday January 19 of 2000

Citizens from Acapulco confirm that an OVNI flew the city of Acapulco Mexico this January 18, many habitants of the touristic Port of Acapulco, in the mexican pacific are saying that they saw a UFO Tuesday 17, according to the testimonies of the neighborhoods the object 's characteristics were a kind of Bright and Ovalated and it was seen for about 7 minutes flying over the city with highly movements and strange movements..

The OVNI made circles in the sky leaving a flash of green and yellow light behind his trail..

According to the Airport they did not see anything out of the ordinary but they didn't have any flights over that Area..

This is a big story..

Please email me if you would like to know more about this new UFO sighting

Guillermo Alarcon
UFO Investigations

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