August 3rd 2002

Name: Jose Alberto

Location: catarina, benito juarez
mpio.zacoalco de torres
jalisco, mexico 45750


Date: saturday august, 3rd 2002 11pm mexico city time

Approach Direction: northwest

Departure Direction: northwest

Witness Direction: northwest

Description: i was in my parents 2 story house watching tv and i heard a thunderstorm coming in so i went to see were the storm was coming from i went to the bathroom on the second flor which has a window facing to the northnorthwest and i saw these strange lights. at first i thought they were street lights but they were up high. then i thougt it might be some tower light on the mountains but when lighting struck i could see the mountains and the object was up in the sky. and it was definetly not a plane because it was just sitting there in the sky. it was a triangular shape it had lights on each corner and one in the middle. i observed it for 3 to 5 minutes when the storm stared coming in an covered it. i would have gone outside to see it but there was alot of lighting stiking. just to let you know there have been many sightings in that dirrection and my sister saw one during the day back in october 2002 in the same dirrectin i saw one.

Color/Shape: dark colored grayes black,tringular shape with lights on each corner and one in the middle

Height & Speed: it was a big object because it was a clody night the dirrection that i think it was above is probably like 6 to 8 kilometers but im just guesin


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/mexico/020803.shtml