June 6th/8th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Patti

Location: Cancun Mexico

Date: Between 06/6/04 and 06/8/04 at appx. 10:00 p.m. Mexico time

Approach Direction: unsure of direction, seem to sit in one location once stable.

Departure Direction: came in on left side and never departed, it just seem to cloak or disapear in mid air as the night sky flood lights hit it as if it had been spotted and did not want to be seen.

Witness Direction: Both my husband and myself was facing the object on our hotel balcony having coffee, talking and looking at the ocean waves.

Description: My husband and I had just got in from swimming with the kids. We put the children to bed and made our routine night cups of coffee and went to the balcony to sit, talk and have coffee before bed time. My husband was speaking and all of a sudden he became silient. I looked at him to see why he had become so quite and his mouth was open as he glazed into the night sky. I looked up to see what had ccaught his attention and of all things to see I see something that at first I thought it was a star, then it looked as if a fallen star and then it shot upward at the speed of light a hovered and then it shot across in a upward manor all of this taken a couple of seconds.

A hotel down the beach from us had a set of seems like search lights and as this thing shot upward the spot lights seem to be crossing each other as it got mid air and as the 2 lights hit this object it just as quickly seem to vanish in mid air.

My husband ask me baby, you did just see all of this did'nt you and it wasn't just me right. I answered to him that if you are nuts, may we share the room and the jacket, cause we both are former Air Force and we had nothing made or making that could do what that just did. My children awaked and came out on the balcony and ask why was our mouths hanging open. I told them what we had just seen and my son who was 12 said I bet you will never think someone is crazy if they ever mentioned UFO to you huh ma. I considered my husband and I to be very sane and educated people. My husband was a teacher/instructor in the US Airforce and I have a Masters in Accounting and a Bachlors in Business as well as prior Air Force..... I know what we saw and what we saw Earth do not have.....

Color/Shape: Sliver, roundish object

Height & Speed: could not seeclose enough to no correct size ,but speed at the speed of light , stopping on a dime.

TV/Radio/Press: No


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