August 2004

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
August 11, 2004

SOURCE: http://edicion.yucatan.com.mx/
DATE: August 10, 2004

** Two youths record "flying object"**

For some weeks now, numerous residents of Ticul and even other municipalities in the area have made use of the hill that dominates the Benito Juarez neighborhood of La Perla del Sur as their nocturnal gathering place.

The reason for these gatherings has become a fashionable subject in this part of the State: alleged UFO sightings, a situation that has also attracted the attention of experts in supernatural phenomena.

There is no scientific explanation for these events; the alleged witnesses claim they are real, but other people in the vicinity consider them a product of the euphoric sensation experienced at the meeting site.

The fact remains that it a party atmosphere is readily visible on weekends at this site for at least a month now, including consumption of alcoholic beverages and the presence of street vendors.

This weekend, the UFO subject took a turn: two young men claimed having filmed the apparition of a mysterious "vessel" that was visible for only seconds.

The youths, with the characteristic excitement of those who have made a great discovery, showed the video of the alleged sighting to a reporter from Diario de Ticul. A circle of eight lights spinning on an axis can be seen; the lights then become tilted and elongated.

Suddenly, the mysterious object changes course and vanishes.

Translation (c) Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

MEXICO: Another UFO Reported, this time over Progreso

PROGRESO.— Members of the Centro de Análisis de Fenómenos Espaciales (Space Phenomena Analysis Center) have pointed out that cases involving people who claim having seen unidentified flying objects are fairly common in the Yucatan Peninsula, but they are never widely known due to a lack of diffusion.

Cindy Martínez Sánchez, a partner with this statewide organization, reports that the phenomenon was seen two nights ago not only over Ticul, but also over Progreso.

Many residents of the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood were witnesses to a mysterious cloud with a light that appeared and vanished in the southern reaches of the port, she says. The sighting lasted some five hours.

Translation (c) 2004
Scott Corrales
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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