January 8th (?) 2005

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
January 11, 2005

SOURCE: El Universal Online, Mexico City
DATE: Sunday, January 9, 2005

UFO Seen Over the Plaza Mexico Bullring

Images showing a flying object appeared on television yesterday, taken during the tenth corrida of the 2004-2005 bullfighting season.

07:00 Images of a flying object seen over the Plaza Mexico Bullring appeared yesterday on the La Jugada television show, broadcast on Televisa Channel 2 at 22:30 hours.

The object, resembling a balloon, was captured for a few minutes as is hovered in the air. It then rose upward to vanish in the sky.

Bullfighters Jose Luis Angelino, from Tlaxcala, and Humberto Flores, from Jalisco, appeared in Mexico City's Plaza Monumental. They were the winners of the tenth corrdia of the 2004-2005 season. Each of them cut an ear [off a bull] and were carried in arms at the end of the event.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez.

Bullring UFO Analysis

Please find below a report by Ana Luisa Cid regarding the alleged UFO videotaped over Mexico City's Plaza Monumental Bullring.

UFO Reported Over Plaza México Bullring
Profra. Ana Luisa Cid F.

On Sunday, January 9, 2005, several people witnessed an unidentified flying object (UFO) flying over the facilities of the Plaza Mexico Bullring in Mexico City (Distrito Federal).

Although the exact time of the sighting was not given, it occurred during the afternoon, since the bullfights commence at 16:00 hrs.

The images were presented on Televisa's "La Jugada" program and the newspaper item appeared in the "El Universal" newspaper http://www.eluniversal.com.mx

The video clearly shows a glowing, spherical object that appears to be hanging in the sky, and which, according to witnesses, drifted away slowly until it vanished from sight.

Photo of alleged UFO     Photo of alleged UFO

I believe, from my humble point of view, that it is truly an flying object of unknown origin, dismissing the possibility that it could be a conventional device or even the weather balloon employed for weather forecasts, since it isn't so shiny and its contour is well defined.

weather balloon     weather balloon
The weather balloon is launched at 5 o'clock in the morning and then at 5 p.m..

An interesting path of investigation is the relationship between UFO sightings and volcanic activity. On that very same day, January 9th, a communiqué was issued with regard to a 5 kilometer high fumarole over the Popocatepetl crater, with ash-fall reports for neighboring communities. punto interesante a investigar, es la relación de los avistamientos ovni con la actividad. http://www.cronica.com.mx/nota.php?idc=161313

Photo of alleged UFO 9 January 2005   Photo dated 2 March 2002
Plaza México
9 January 2005
  Ana Luisa Cid
2 March 2002

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use this article.


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