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UFO Sighting Report - Mexico

August 12th 2005 : Café Florida, Carretera Matehuala-Saltillo

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

A colleague took this picture in central Mexico a couple of weeks ago

Blow up the object in the upper left hand corner in the cloud break.

Additional information:

R***** just replied with his approval to post the photo, however I was wrong about the date. Based on his statement, you can see he took it in August 2005. Sorry, I assumed it was a recent photo.


[Name deleted]

The photographer wrote:

The picture was taken on August 12th, 2005. Km 99 of the Carretera Matehuala-Saltillo, México, 16:49 hs, from the east side of the road. The little restaurant you can see is the Café Florida at the west of the highway.

Enlarged and cropped section of the original photo

Photo showing object in top left-hand corner of image

Click on photo for full size