September 13th 2005

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
September 15, 2005

SOURCE: Prof. Ana Luisa Cid
DATE: 09.13.05

A major UFO sighting took place in Mexico City only a few minutes after an official event involving Mexican President Vicente Fox had taken place.

According to information from Gerardo Martinez Fernandez, a reporter from Grupo Imagen, the executive inagurated the dining room of the "Reino Unido de Gran Bretana" primary school locatd in the Aztec capital's Col. del Valle district.

Only a few minutes prior to the first citizen's arrival, many witnesses were able to see a shining spherical object in the sky. An anonimous girl granted an interview to the reporter in question and the young lady explains on audio that the object resembled a very shiny star.

Gerardo Martinez stated verbatim:

"On Tuesday, September 13 I covered an event involving President Vicente Fox between Calle Parroquia and Av. Coyoacán. We arrived at 9:30 a.m. and managed to film some people directing their attention skyward. Upon getting out of our vehicle, they told us they were watching an unidentified flying object. Personally, I didn't get to see it, but I asked other reporters if they knew anything about this strange event and Jesus Cardenas from Televisa told me that his cameraman had indeed got it on film."

It should be noted that Gerardo martinez was the first reporter to make known the February 14, 2000 sighting [The Azcapotzalco CE-II -- editor's note]. securing firsthand interviews with the police officers involved. This distinguished reporter is a key player in Mexican UFO research.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid.

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