Ramos Arizpe

October 3rd 2005

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 8, 2005 SOURCE: Vanguardia (newspaper)
DATE: October 5, 2005


RAMOS ARIZPE, COAHUILA -- A strange unidentified object that flew over the eastern part of this city on Monday morning was recorded by the urban cameras of the Municipal Public Security's O60 System.

The 27 minute long video was shown yesterday to the media by Homero Duran Flores, head of this government agency.

"A phone call was recieved at approximately 03:00 hours Monday from a citizen report some lights that could be seen to the east of the city. When the cameras were focussed in that direction, the object in question was perfectly visible," he explained.

Image showing monitors in security centre(?) with object displayed on one of the monitors

The image shown to the media clearly depicts a round object with a grey-colored ring and a black circle in its middle, rotating, and was recorded at different times as it approached and withdrew. "We are startled by the magnitude of the object and the clarity with which it can be seen, because given the camera's location, it is believed to have been at an approximate altitude of one kilometer."

Duran Flores said that the video, recorded between 03:07 and 03:34, is at the disposal of experts in the subject, since it is "without a doubt an important document, taking into consideration the clarity and sharpness of the images."

Mayra Gallegos Muñiz, a radio operator for the 060 System who was on duty at the time the call came in, said that upon looking through her office window, the unidentified flying object "appeared very large, four or five times the size of a star."

This event was made known in TV Azteca's "Hechos" news program, hosted by journalist Jorge Zarza, who ended by saying: "Like all good UFOs, it vanished leaving colored rings [in its wake]".

Image of object

The strange flying object startled witnesses by shifting shape, as can be seen in the second photo. This eliminates the possibility of any conventional origin.

Close-up image of object

Large close-up image of object with caption

Says Prof. Ana Luisa Cid: "I believe, from my personal perspective, that this material represents one the best items of UFO evidence in Mexico."

Some information regarding the city where this extraordinary evidence was obtained.

The municipality of Ramos Arizpe is located in southeastern Coahuila at coordinates 100°57´2" longitude west and 25°32´26" latitude north at an elevation of 1,380 meters above sea level. The La Paila range borders the municipality on the west, covering the entire southwest and a considerable part of the municipality's northeastern section. To the east is the Las Cuatas range, bordering the state of Nuevo Leon. The Patos creek enters throught the south as it comes in from General Cepeda, feeding the Alto de Noria Reservoir. The creek flows throughout the east until it reaches the state of Nuevo Leon. The municipality has three reservoirs: Alto de Norias, El Tulillo and Nacapa, fed by the waters of the Patos and Las Vegas creeks. The Hipólito Dam represents another source of water storage.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special Thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid and Jesús Jimenez.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use this article.


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