February 1st 2006

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
February 7, 2006

SOURCE: http://www.omnia.com.mx/noticias/21694/chihuahua/
DATE: February 1, 2006


"What's that? It's not a plane, a bird or much less the public safety or muncipal helicopters." Those were the first utterances from a group of onlookers staring at an unidentified figure that can be seen in one of the photographs of the Angel of Liberty.

Armando Mar, who works for a local TV station, took some photos of the statue located in Plaza Mayor, and upon reviewing them became aware of a particular detail.

The photo taken this Wednesday noon before the statue on Calle 11 shows a small circle with aparent velocity which appears to break off from the same figure. But the clear skies in another photograph show that this is not the case.

Could this be an unidentified flying object or merely a bird? Many have been left worndering. Some of the people who saw it are left with the doubt, as it wasn't a helicopter, since not a single one was in evidence at the time,.

If it was a bird like a pigeon, accoridng to the proportions of the statue, it would barely be visible or a "wing" would be noticeable. In any event, the viewer must be the judge. Experts will figure it out.

The question remains, as several stories exist regarding the presence of flying saucers. Some say they can be seen toward Cerro Grande; others say toward Villa Juarez.

Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to David Cervantes, Fundacion Cosmos

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