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UFO Sighting Report - Mexico

October 25th 2007 : Hunucma, Yucatan


DATE: 18 November 2007

MEXICO: Photos of Luminous Object Over Hunucma, Yucatan
*** A report from Ana Luisa Cid ***

On October 25, El Diario de Yucatan reported the sighting of a luminous object over the Mexican town of Hunucmá, which was witnessed by officers of the municipal police.

As was reported at the time, some officers took video images with the cellphones, and while the police director considered that the object could have been a star or satellite, the case drew the attention of researchers from the OVNI MERIDA group who traveled to Hunucma and secured a copy of the video.

Researchers Emilio Cetz and Valentin Cervantes interviewed witnesses and produced a preliminary investigation:

"According to their report, they describe the object as "small ball" from which a potent beam of light emerged, apparently trying to search for something. This light rotated, that is to say, it could light from top to bottom, to the front, and in every direction in a matter of seconds. The light almost hit us in one of those sweeps, said the officers.

They also reported that luminous spheres have often been reported in the Yucatan highways, and they appear to follow the squad cars. They added that policement tend to point their flashlights skyward, and this perhaps attracts the unidentified objects.

With regard to the images, it is evident in some of them that the beam of light appears to be cut off at its end. Emilio Cetz has this to say: "The original video is low quality, but when I checked it in the policeman's cellphone, the frame was not visible. I noticed the square when i got home and changed fromats from 3gp to AVI. Valentin Cervantes, who accompanied me to get the video, is going to make some tests with his cellphone to ascertain if the frames are lens flares, as he owns the same model phone. We have not been able to carry out an investigation to our satisfaction, but we will do so in the future."

Emilio Cetz obtained a copy of the video directly from Police Chief Jose Luis Erosa, and he in turn gave me some unreleased photographs.

OVNI MERIDA researchers will return to the site and will provide more information on this compelling case.

Photo of the Yucatan UFO

Photo of the Yucatan UFO

Photo of the Yucatan UFO

Researcher Emilio Cetz
Researcher Emilio Cetz

Newspaper report regarding
Newspaper report regarding "Martians" in Hunucmá

(Translation (c) 2007 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)


From Robert Morningstar

Hi, Scott (& cc list)...

Thanks for the photo.

I have just enhanced one of the photos and I am sending you and CC list copy.
I would like to know more about its flight characteristics.

It looks like a meteor/shooting star to me(like one that almost hit my aircraft on May 6, 2000 over Waterbury, Connecticut) . Contrary to popular opinion, meteors can change direction as they pass through regions of the atmosphere descending through different densities and winds aloft, according to their shape, mass and composition (stony or nickel iron).

The one that I nearly collided with in a Piper Arrow II changed direction 3 times in about 10 seconds.

I will work on the other photos later.



Photo of the Yucatan UFO enhanced by Robert Morningstar

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