UFO Sighting Report - Morocco

Flag of Morocco

Sale near Rabat
January 28th 2012

Please note this is a Google translation of the original report provided by Gerard Lebat and is not word perfect.


My name is Ahmed O. (Preservation of the identity of the witness desired, the file consists of a contact email from Ahmed in which he informs us of his observation, a detailed questionnaire and details of our requests are archived at UFO Morocco International in Paris - Marrakech). I'm 51 years old, married and I live in the city of Salé, near Rabat, Morocco's capital.

The 28 January 2013 to 23 h 00 (I looked at my watch time is exact) from my home in the village of Ouled Moussa Kariat (Sale), a residential locality very popular and whose population is dense I witnessed a phenomenon that I can not identify, set in the sky.

When I went on my balcony to give food to my dog (it is customary in Morocco in general houses have a large terrace, but little or no garden space to give freedom to his dog, in this area, often of great size and where it can roam freely), and it is at that moment that I saw at a very low altitude, I believe about 150 yards, two objects that had triangular and moved silently. I could see clearly two lights, round, one green and one white. These two objects were moving slowly towards the airport in Rabat - Salé, without any noise. I used aircraft, he frequently goes over my house, but in this case, these objects were totally different in their form and behavior.

Moving slowly, they stopped in a stationary position, close to the airport (or direction). Then suddenly, they returned to the North East at a phenomenal rate and they disappeared in the distance.

I know the movement of aircraft, but there no report, I could not believe my eyes! ...........

I observed this phenomenon for at least two minutes, I could see well the precise shape of a triangle with two round lights green and the other white. There were two identical. The intensity of the color of the lights did not vary throughout the observation and object had the shape of a triangle, darker over night in heaven. They moved slowly and in my opinion it should be a large volume, 30 or 40 m long. Time that day was drizzly but when observing the sky was clear in their direction and scattered clouds did not interfere the observation of unidentified phenomenon.

My eyesight is good and I do not wear glasses. After the sudden and very rapid object, I stopped watching the sky, I finished my task of feeding my dog and I went down in my house. I was home alone at the time of observation, but I talked dice in the morning with my son. We found no explanation for this, I used to watch the planes, I live near the airport Salé and this observation is totally different from what I usually observed with the various movements in the space planes.

That's what I can say that I have observed this January 28, 2013 at 23 h 00.

Release Conditions and agreement between Morocco and the UFO witness:


I undersigned Mr O. Ahmed UFO allow Morocco to keep my personal data on the strict condition not distribute to third parties. Anonymity.

Documents relating to this observation are kept in the archives of UFO MOROCCO (contact: lebat1@aol.com) For more information write to this email address.

The appearance of objects in a triangle shape.

Diagram showing appearance of the objects


Satellite image showing Rabat-Sale Airport and local area

The original French language report can be found on the OVNI Maroc International at http://ovni-maroc.blogspot.com/2013/02/observation-dun-ovni-sur-rabat-sale-le.html

I would like to thank Gerard Lebat for granting permission to use this article on the UFOINFO site - John @ UFOINFO.

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