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Sighting Report

Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand
July 13th 2001

Name: Anthony Milas

E-mail: anthonym@internet.co.nz

Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

13 July, ~5-6pm local time

Approach Direction:
The object appeared to be moving away for the duration of the sighting.

Departure Direction:

Witness Direction:

Flaming orange/yellow comet-like object with a slightly arcing trail. About 2/3 the width of the sun. (The sun was setting at the time, and so was available for comparison). It was not very high off the horizon.

The flaming trail moved very slowly downwards and to the north (so, to the right, from my point of view). It was moving with the head of the trail leading.

After 5 minutes or so, it broke into two trails - a larger and a smaller. The smaller one stayed mainly where it was, but still moving downward and north slightly, getting smaller and smaller.

The larger one I observered for 5 more minutes before it disappeared behind cloud close to the horizon. Detail became visible over this time. And the object slowed its descent as well. It now appeared to be moving into the distance westwards and maintaining a steadier altitude.

The detail was that I could now clearly see a grey cigar shape, and the flaming orange/yellow was surrounding this and trailing off it.

I had binoculars, and at this time I could only very vaguely make out the detail with my naked eye. With the binoculars the detail was very clear.

The cloud the object disappeared behind was behind Rangitoto Island, which from my vantage point is several kilometers away, thus meaning the object was at least this far away. I actually suspect it was much further because of the speed it was moving, yet the length of the flaming tail.

My girlfriend also saw the object. She also said she had seen something like it before (weeks or months ago) but assumed it was an artefact of the sunset.

It was not an artefact of the sunset - like a cloud lit up strangely, however, we both witnessed this object until well after the surrounding clouds had become very dark. This means that for the object to be a cloud lit up by the sun, it would also have to be an extremely mobile cloud to chase westwards after the suns light as it disappeared over the horizon. And must have been propelled by its own peculiar gust of wind that propelled just this "cloud" and no others.

I think its more likely *not* explained by natural phenomena.

Orange/yellow comet shape. Then grey cigar shape surrounded by trailing flame.

Height & Speed:
As the object was observed over 10 minutes close to the horizon, I can assume that the object was very large, very far away, and travelling very fast. I can assume this because:

1) The tail was very long.
2) The object was making very little distance from my vantage point.
3) The object disappeared behind cloud that was at least several kilometers away.

I looked for reports in local media, but found none. The object would have been clearly visible to many people in Auckland - a city with a population of over 1 million.


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